Metinox international is a budding, dynamic company providing wide range of quality stainless steel hotel ware & kitchenware products. Whether it's about fine dine cutlery or tableware products, professional chef tools or buffet products, barware products or serving tongs-metinox is committed for providing client satisfaction & receiving positive feedback.


Coffee Spoon 2.0 mm
Tea Spoon 2.5 mm
Tea/Cake Fork 2.5 mm
Ice Cream 2.5 mm
Baby Spoon 2.5 mm
Baby Fork 2.5 mm
Ap Spoon/Fork 3.0 mm
Soup Spoon 3.0 mm
Parfait Spoon 3.0 mm
Table Spoon 3.0 mm
Table Fork 3.0 mm
Butter Knife 3.0 mm
Ap Knife 5.0 mm
Table/Fish Knife 5.0 mm

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